Hospital Level Monitoring in Your Hand
We bring care to your fingertips with modern and innovative tech-powered healthcare systems.
Multi-Sensor Tool – redefining the way vital medical data is collated.

By enabling medical-grade remote monitoring in the comfort of your own home, Poonyah transforms the way in which care is being delivered.

Our CE-Approved Medical Device collects a wide-range of medical data from the patient, and this is used in conjunction with carefully collated Assessment Questions to form an overall Health Score for the patient that can be used for ongoing diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

The best remote patient monitoring using iot devices at home for taking care of your loved one. We provide the best service with the latest technology.

AI-enabled Health Algorithm

Our AI-driven algorithm keeps track of your health score and alerts in case of detecting adversary trends. The clinician dashboard reveals real-time deteriorations in a patient health. Early detection leads to early intervention, saving lives, time and money

During two pilots we captured Health Score of 65 residents for 2 months and identified 20% of subjects with Health score below average, unaware of the underlying health issues. After the intervention of their local doctors they are in control of their health, potentially saving themselves from upcoming serious health hazards.

Web-Based Remote Monitoring Platform – using technology to bring help closer than ever before.

The Poonyah Platform utilises remote patient monitoring, an AI-derived health score, and a multi-channel communication platform to transform care in the community and hospital settings.

Simple-to use gadgets permit seamless data sharing in real time, enabling users to choose to share their data with doctors, carers or family members. The customisable system alerts trigger actions, reducing risk and comforting patients. With our Web-Based Remote Monitoring Platform, help is closer than ever before.

How it works
The Poonyah Eco-System incorporates an innovative three-way communication tool that benefits all parties – carer, doctor, relative and patient alike, in real-time.

Our platform stores all the medical and social notes taken by the patient or carer including vital signs & other activities from IoT devices and sensors, and our apps are integrated with our AI-driven Health Algorithm that assists in preventive care for the patient.




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Poonyah Health App – Your Personal Health Assistant.

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