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How Poonyah Team Works

Health Information
Poonyah Health App Helps you to collect, store and share personal health information in a single Health Record from home, work and healthcare facilities.
Health Risks
Our Devices learning platform can identify patterns to create clinically validated algorithms that class=”sub-head”provide a personalised level of care based on monitoring parameters set by the doctors.
Personalised Services
Our Intervention support system enables partners to provide preventative services to address the health risks so that you can access right services at the right time.

Poonyah Health App – Your Personal Health Assistant

  • Get Poonyah app for joining the network and consenting data access
  • Monitor your risks and manage your chronic conditions
  • Access personalised services offered by Healthcare providers using Health Score
Distribute, Decentralise and Democratise Healthcare Data.
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The future of family care

Modern, seamlessly human, and tech powered.

The future of family care

Doctors, Want to Dig Deep & Care Deeper?

  • Be alerted about worrisome trends or deteriorating patients
  • Be proactive and intervene early that will earn respect from your patients
  • Join the network to access patient health information spread across different providers, regions and systems

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Dear Carers, Are you ignoring your health?

  • Keep track of your health so that you can care better for your loved ones
  • Manage your Health Risks, be proactive and seek help before you fall apart

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